Crowdfunding has been used to fund a variety of expenses in society. Individuals in need of money for hospital expenses, business financing, and costs associated with tragedies such as the death of a loved one have used crowdfunding platforms to finance these expenses. The rising cost of education in the United States have caused individuals to start campaigns to help with educational expenses.

Data on college tuition shows that the cost of tuition will rise by 5% in the next decade. By gaining an awareness of the crowdfunding process, parents and students can work to create campaigns that assist with providing money for expenses. With awareness of the process and tax reporting requirements, your family can get the money you need to assist with covering expenses associated with attending college. By creating a good campaign that is honest and complies with the agreement made with investors, your family can get the money you need for college.

Best Crowdfunding Sites for Education


Individuals and organizations of all types use Fundly for financing their crowdfunding campaigns. Fundly is a site that both small and large universities used to raise funds for educational purposes. The site allows individuals to set up an account using either Facebook or an email address. You can set up a family account to allow people to donate to your specific needs. This is a good site to use if you are a student seeking education funding because education funding is one of the most popular categories funded on the site.


GoFundMe is the primary crowdfunding site individuals use. One of the primary categories used on the site is for educational expenses. Not only is GoFundMe the most popular crowdfunding site, but it is also the number one site for raising money for education. Over 100,000 individuals each year have created a campaign on GoFundMe for education. As a student, you can create a campaign for your education expenses. Donors can give to help raise funds to use for things such as covering your tuition, technical supplies, participating in student exchange programs, or the cost to attend a symposium to present research results.


If you are a student, Upstart provides money to help pay for your educational expenses. The site provides donors with returns based on the future earnings of a graduate. Upstart also helps students receive mentorship insight from campaign donors. As a student receiving donations, you must sign a human capital contract to receive funds. The agreement outlines how you will repay the funds you receive. The founders of Upstart were former staff at Google. Upstart was a trailblazer in using artificial intelligence in the personal lending space. It’s recognized for providing low-risk loans to clients at low-interest rates.


Students that live in the San Francisco area can use ScholarMatch so if you’re student that lives in the San Francisco area, then you may want to consider crowdfunding through ScholarMatch. The service help students who are low-income with getting funds to attend college. ScholarMatch is a service that helps students who desire to help students from similar backgrounds get these services after graduation. ScholarMatch works with students and families. Some families with students in middle school work with ScholarMatch. Online resources are provided to students to help you with the application and enrollment process.


GoGetFunding if a site developed to assist students and individuals from all over the world with receiving the funding necessary for causes that are important to them. If you are a student who uses the site, you may provide your donors with information on how you use the funds you received or provide services to donors in creative ways. Students may do things such as provide status reports to donors on how you used the money you received or offer services to your donors based on your major. You may write a blog and write posts on your educational experiences to donors or cook dinner if you completed a culinary arts program.


LoanGifting is a company that provides students with payments that go to your student loan accounts. Money received from crowdfunding that may come from your employer or from other individuals can repay your student loan debt. This site is popular because it provides students with a resource that many students desire which is allowing employers to contribute to student loan repayment. Research shows that 90% of students look for employers that assist them with repaying student loan debt. Students also receive information that can assist with student loan refinancing and student loan forgiveness options based on eligibility requirements.


MobileCause is a site that provides crowdfunding for universities. This site allows donors to make contributions from any location using a mobile device or computer. Donors can give to your campaign online or via text messaging services. Schools have a branded school crowdfunding page. Schools can create campaigns for different projects to assist students with expenses such as scholarships and other school-related expenses. The donor data is monitored using fundraising tools the company offers. MobileCause provides around the clock customer support each day to assist you. The information required to launch your campaign is accessible from one location.


Hubbub is a site that you can use to receive assistance with education-related expenses. A student or someone on staff at a university can create a site to receive funding for education-related expenses. The crowdfunding site gives schools an online platform for students to receive donations for expenses. Donors can give to your campaign from social media sites. You may receive funding for education-related expenses such as dissertation fees and research project fees and education-related travel expenses. Donations are received after you reach the campaign funding goals. Hubbub does not release funds if goals weren’t met.


Experiment is a crowdfunding site that assists individuals with scientific research. If you’re conducting research at a university for a project and have a desire to receive grant funds to perform research as a student researcher, then Experiment may be a site that will assist with funding the project. You receive funding for the project from Experiment only if you reach the fundraising goal. Approval is required for all research campaigns before they begin. Experiment will provide you with daily data on the number of campaigns that were funded.

Arizona State University PitchFunder

Students that attend Arizona State University may have donors contribute to the PitchFunder program which allows donors to take part in crowdfunding at ASU. There are various programs that donors can fund to help students. If you are a student at Arizona State University and you wish to study abroad, there are campaigns created to help students raise money to participate in international programs. You can attend the program and lower your out-of-pocket expenses to make the trip affordable. The university believes in using crowdfunding campaigns to provide students with opportunities to study abroad regardless of the economic background of students.

Babson College Crowdfunding

If you are a student attending Babson College, you can direct individuals to the Babson College crowdfunding sit to assist with different projects that you may participate in. The college provides funding for students for various projects. Some funding projects that you can receive assistance for at Babson College include studying abroad, travel to symposiums, and scholarships. If you are a student who is participating in a sport or another program that has a campaign, you can direct potential donors to the online site to help your organization. The college provides funds for different programs besides funding short-term projects for students.

University of Texas-UT Hornraiser

By attending the University of Texas donors can donate funds to you on the school’s crowdfunding site, The University of Texas raises money through fundraising for various projects at the University. Crowdfunding is used to assist with various student activities at the University of Texas. If you are a student, the university may offer you assistance with money donated to buy food to supplement your meal plan, school supplies, and pay school fees. When you are a student in need of funds for a program or event at the school, then supporters can assist you by donating to a campaign.

University of Mississippi-Ignite Ole Miss

If you are supporting Ole Miss or attend the university, you can have a crowdfunding project. Ole Miss gives to students and the faculty by creating a variety of projects through crowdfunding. As a student receiving funds from a campaign, you can direct your supporters to the crowdfunding site to give to your campaign. The school provides funding for things such as assisting students who have experienced a crisis, financing scholarships, and funding events such as annual concerts.

The University of Virginia- USEED Virginia

The University of Virginia offers funding for scientific research projects on the university’s crowdfunding site. The school designed research projects to answer challenging research questions that require financial assistance. Students and faculty can receive funding for the research projects that may not qualify for grant funds. These science projects are new and have not gained the attention needed for grants. The University of Virginia helps students who are researchers through its crowdfunding site. If you are a student doing scientific research, you can ask supporters to go to the online crowdfunding site to donate to assist with funding your research project.

University of Wyoming Foundation

The University of Wyoming has a crowdfunding platform directed by the university’s foundation. There are campaigns on the online platform that offers financial support to students to assist with various activities which include team uniforms, travel expenses, music department performances, and other student activities related to academic programs. Supporters of the University of Wyoming can make contributions and see how campaigns are progressing throughout the funding process. If you are a student participating in a program with a crowdfunding campaign, you can direct your supporters to the crowdfunding site to help fund these educational expenses. Memorial scholarships are crowdfunded to assist students.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs- UCCS Crowdfunding

The university created the crowdfunding platform to help students and faculty with developing projects that support the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. If you are a student in need of funding for a project related to school expenses, then you can create a campaign. UCCS provides documentation to assist you in creating a crowdfunding project for effective marketing to reach your goal. Besides assisting with scholarships, the crowdfunding site is used to help finance a variety of organizations and sports teams to assist the athletic department with the costs associated with traveling, attending camps, and things of that nature.

Crowdfund MIT

If you are a student at MIT, there are crowdfunding options offered through the University’s crowdfunding site. Supporters can give donations for several types of campaigns which may include providing matching gifts for campaigns that are on the crowdfunding site. MIT provides students with funding for various campaigns which may include providing money for scientific programs that occur throughout various parts of the world, and funds to host events. As a student, you can help pay for some costs associated with student research. Each MBA graduating class contributes to faculty and student expenses by providing fellowships and funds for classroom expenses.

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